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I am a holistic therapist / holistic therapy teacher. I want to provide hints and tips for people who are interested in holistic therapies.

What are the Benefits of using Grapeseed oil

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grapeseed oilGrapeseed oil is an excellent oil to using in massage or aromatherapy treatment. It has the benefit of being suitable for all skin types and it is not a nut extract so you do not need to worry about nut allergies.

It is generally used as the main base oil to which other oils can be added.

It help to tone, tighten and moisturize the skin and also speeds up wound healing.

Natural Tree Extract Has Significant Effect in Protecting Immune Health

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Recent Research has found that taking a daily supplement of larch arabinogalactan, an extract from the larch tree can help to boost the immune system and help to keep you felling fit and well.

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What are the Health Benefits of Walking and Bicycling to work

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As well as cutting down on green house gases and doing your bit to save the planet, walking or cycling to work will significantly reduce the incidence of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular complaints and thus lead to a longer life.

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Aromatherapy for Flu and Colds

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The aromatherapy oils that you can be used to help with cold and flu symptoms are Basil (3 drops), Eucalyptus(3 drops) and Peppermint(2 drops). This can be breathed in by using a diffuser or by placing the drops on tissue and leaving the tissue in the room so that oils diffuse naturally.

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How to perform a Reiki Distance Healing

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Reiki Distance Symbol

Reiki Distance Symbol

The distance symbol is one of the most powerful Reiki symbols that you can be attuned to. That is because to allows you to send Reiki across space and time. This means that you can now send Reiki to whoever or whatever you want for whenever you want.

Today I will demonstrate how to perfom a Reiki Distance Healing.

1. On a piece of paper write down who you want to send the distance healing to and include where they are, and the time that you want the healing to begin. For example


Ann Other, 15 Old Wood Garden, New Town, The old country, at 22:00 22nd Feb 2013.

2. Now draw the Reiki Distance Symbol (Hon Sha Sa Sho Nen) over the name, address and time

3. Next draw the Reiki Mental/Emotional symbol (Sei Hei Ki) followed by the Power Symbol (Cho Ku Rei) on top of the distance symbol (at this stage you can add as many Reiki symbols as you have been attuned to so that their energy can be sent)

4. Now place the piece of paper between you hands and visualise the Reiki Energy being sent to the person, at the address, at the time specified.

5. You should feel the Reiki energy following between your hands, it is normally quite a strong sensation. Continue to send Reiki until you feel this energy drop away.

I like to think of the distance symbol as making a connect from you to the person you are sending Reiki too, Once this connection has been made you send the energy of the other Reiki symbols over this connection until the person has had enough for that session.

Note, you can also use a picture of the person or a teddy bear which represents the person, if you do this then draw the symbols in the above order, but in light.



Qigong Can Help Improve Quality Of Life For Breast Cancer Patients

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New reasearch has found that practicing Qigong, an ancient chinese mind and body practice which uses synchronised breath and while performing exercise, can help to improve the quality of life for women undergoing radiotherapy treament for breast cancer.

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Why do you use Basalt Stones in Hot Stones Massage

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Basalt Stones

You should only use Basalt Stones to perform a Hot Stones Massage. This is because basalt stones retain heat for longer than other stones.  This means that you do not have to change the stones you are using for the massage as often and so the treatment strokes have more continuity.

Remember when providing a treatment if the stones are to hot for the palm of your hand they are too hot for the client and you should cool the stones down by dipping hem in a bowl of cold water until they feel comfortable for you.

If you are qualified masseur and you would like to add hot stones massage to the treatments you offer why not take our hot stone massage online course, For more information click this link