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I am a holistic therapist / holistic therapy teacher. I want to provide hints and tips for people who are interested in holistic therapies.

Reiki can children help do better at exam time

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Reiki Distance Symbol

Reiki Distance Symbol

You can use the Reiki Distance Symbol to send Reiki to children or anyone else for that matter when they are taking exams.

You send Reiki to the exam and the child at the time and place they are taking the test.

Reiki is then stored up around that event ready to be used when the exam starts.

What Reiki seems to do is allow the student to stay calm during the exam, so that they can do the best that they can do.

This means if they read the first question and they haven’t revised it, then they don’t panic.  They just move on to the next question and answer all the questions that they have revised.

So here are the steps.

1.  On a piece of paper write down the name of the child, the exam they are taking, the date and time of the exam and where they are taking it.

Eg. Fred Davis, Mathematics, 20th May 2013 10-00 am, Green Grass High School, Green Grass Lane, Greengrass

2. Next draw the Reiki Distance Symbol (Hon Sha Sa Sho Nen) through the name, exam, date / time and venue

3. Next draw the Reiki Mental/Emotional symbol (Sei Hei Ki) followed by the Power Symbol (Cho Ku Rei) over the distance symbol

4. Place the paper between you hands and visualize the Reiki Energy being sent to the exam for the child at the date /time and venue specified.

5. You will feel the Reiki energy following between your hands, it is normally quite a strong sensation. Continue to send Reiki until you feel this energy drop away.

Now just wait until your child takes them exam and ask them how it when afterwards.

Physical exercise improves gait speed, muscle strength, fitness in Parkinson’s disease sufferers

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A recent study has shown that exercise which includes using treadmills, stretching and weigh / resistance training can help to preserve the mobility, muscle strength and fitness of people who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease.

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Tai Chi Exercise Can Reduce Falls in Adult Stroke Survivors

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A recent study suggests that attending regular Tai Chi classes can help to reduce the risk of falling for people who are recovering from a Stroke.  Tai Chi is a chinese martial art, that combines physical movement, mental contentration and breathing exercises, it help to improve the coordination and balance of the stroke survivor and thus they have less falls.

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Reiki Healing and Surgery

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reikipicutureReiki can be given to any patient who is having surgery. Reiki can be given pre-op, so that the patient is calm and relaxed as they prepare themselves mentally for having the surgery. 

You can also use a distance reiki healing to send the patient Reiki during the operation, again this helps to keep the patient stress free during the surgery and thus helps to cut down on complications.

And finally post-op, here Reiki helps to improve the healing process. Because they are calm and stress free, they feel less pain, and they heal quicker.

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What is Reflexology

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reflexologyprincipleReflexology is an alternating pressure massage (you pressure firmly on a point then release the pressure) applied to the feet or hands in order to stimulate the reflex points.

Reflex points are areas of the hands and feet that are energetically connected to the organs of the body.

By treating each reflex in turn, normal energy flow in the whole body is restored. This gradually bringing about a rebalancing of the body’s systems that is necessary for good health.

Although Reflexology techniques have been used for thousands of years it was Dr William Fitzgerald and Edwin Bowers (a dentist) who showed that there is a connect between different parts of the body.

By applying a constant firm pressure to the fingers using pegs and clamps, they noticed that numbed the teeth and Edwin Bowers was able to carry out dentistry operations without the need for anesthetic.

Further research was then carried out by Dr. Shelby Riley and Eunice D. Ingham and they produced the first foot map that mapped the reflex points on the feet to it’s corresponding part of the body.

They also found that if you alternating the pressure applied to the reflex point rather than just applying a constant pressure, you stimulated the corresponding part of the body, and thus Reflexology was born.

Did you know massage can relax the body and improve health

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 Having a massage treatment is not just a luxury, massage can help to lower blood pressure, reduce the sympoms of anxiety and stress, reduce muscle tension and tightness, which then has the effect of increasing the client’s range of movement.

And if that isn’t enough the benefits of having a regular massage, say once a week are cummulative, a course of massage treatments help to strength the immune system and give the client an improved sense of wellbeing and health.

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