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Healing Photosensitivity Naturally, With Herbs and Lifestyle

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If you suffer from photosensitivity, then help is at hand, by adding antioxidants to your diet you can boost your immune system which will help reduce your photosensitivity and the rashes associated with it.

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What is Lavender oil used for

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lavenderLavender oil is the most used and probably the most versatile essential oil.

 It is a natural antiseptic, antiviral, anti depressant and sedative.

It helps to boost the immune system and helps promote wound heal and prevents scar tissue forming.

It blends well with citrus oils, clary-sage and patchouli.

Lavender can be used to treat nervous tension, headaches and migraines, scalp and skin disorders such as head lice, acne, sunburn, burns and inflammtion.

It is also used for variety of respiratory problems, such as flu, cold, asthma, sore throat, sinus congestion. It can be used as a vapour or applied to the skin of the chest, neck or back.


Reiki Healing and Surgery

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reikipicutureReiki can be given to any patient who is having surgery. Reiki can be given pre-op, so that the patient is calm and relaxed as they prepare themselves mentally for having the surgery. 

You can also use a distance reiki healing to send the patient Reiki during the operation, again this helps to keep the patient stress free during the surgery and thus helps to cut down on complications.

And finally post-op, here Reiki helps to improve the healing process. Because they are calm and stress free, they feel less pain, and they heal quicker.

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What is Reflexology

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reflexologyprincipleReflexology is an alternating pressure massage (you pressure firmly on a point then release the pressure) applied to the feet or hands in order to stimulate the reflex points.

Reflex points are areas of the hands and feet that are energetically connected to the organs of the body.

By treating each reflex in turn, normal energy flow in the whole body is restored. This gradually bringing about a rebalancing of the body’s systems that is necessary for good health.

Although Reflexology techniques have been used for thousands of years it was Dr William Fitzgerald and Edwin Bowers (a dentist) who showed that there is a connect between different parts of the body.

By applying a constant firm pressure to the fingers using pegs and clamps, they noticed that numbed the teeth and Edwin Bowers was able to carry out dentistry operations without the need for anesthetic.

Further research was then carried out by Dr. Shelby Riley and Eunice D. Ingham and they produced the first foot map that mapped the reflex points on the feet to it’s corresponding part of the body.

They also found that if you alternating the pressure applied to the reflex point rather than just applying a constant pressure, you stimulated the corresponding part of the body, and thus Reflexology was born.

What are the Benefits of using Grapeseed oil

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grapeseed oilGrapeseed oil is an excellent oil to using in massage or aromatherapy treatment. It has the benefit of being suitable for all skin types and it is not a nut extract so you do not need to worry about nut allergies.

It is generally used as the main base oil to which other oils can be added.

It help to tone, tighten and moisturize the skin and also speeds up wound healing.

Aromatherapy for Flu and Colds

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The aromatherapy oils that you can be used to help with cold and flu symptoms are Basil (3 drops), Eucalyptus(3 drops) and Peppermint(2 drops). This can be breathed in by using a diffuser or by placing the drops on tissue and leaving the tissue in the room so that oils diffuse naturally.

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How to perform a Reiki Distance Healing

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Reiki Distance Symbol

Reiki Distance Symbol

The distance symbol is one of the most powerful Reiki symbols that you can be attuned to. That is because to allows you to send Reiki across space and time. This means that you can now send Reiki to whoever or whatever you want for whenever you want.

Today I will demonstrate how to perfom a Reiki Distance Healing.

1. On a piece of paper write down who you want to send the distance healing to and include where they are, and the time that you want the healing to begin. For example


Ann Other, 15 Old Wood Garden, New Town, The old country, at 22:00 22nd Feb 2013.

2. Now draw the Reiki Distance Symbol (Hon Sha Sa Sho Nen) over the name, address and time

3. Next draw the Reiki Mental/Emotional symbol (Sei Hei Ki) followed by the Power Symbol (Cho Ku Rei) on top of the distance symbol (at this stage you can add as many Reiki symbols as you have been attuned to so that their energy can be sent)

4. Now place the piece of paper between you hands and visualise the Reiki Energy being sent to the person, at the address, at the time specified.

5. You should feel the Reiki energy following between your hands, it is normally quite a strong sensation. Continue to send Reiki until you feel this energy drop away.

I like to think of the distance symbol as making a connect from you to the person you are sending Reiki too, Once this connection has been made you send the energy of the other Reiki symbols over this connection until the person has had enough for that session.

Note, you can also use a picture of the person or a teddy bear which represents the person, if you do this then draw the symbols in the above order, but in light.



Qigong Can Help Improve Quality Of Life For Breast Cancer Patients

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New reasearch has found that practicing Qigong, an ancient chinese mind and body practice which uses synchronised breath and while performing exercise, can help to improve the quality of life for women undergoing radiotherapy treament for breast cancer.

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