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Massage and Exercise a Natural Pair

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New research shows that massage therapy can help the average person in the street as well as elite atheltes,

Regular massage can help to reduce muscle sorness and the risk of injury. It also helps to increase muscle stamina so that you can perform your choosen sport to your full potential.

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Chair Massage

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chairmassage2Offering chair massage can help to boost your business and bring you new clients.  Chair massage can be done on bare skin so can be done in a salon environment.

But it can also been performed through clothes, therefore it lends it’s self to mobile massage treatments, where you go to the clients, these can be coorperate clients, where you take your massage chair into the client’s office, or you could rent space in a mall.

This makes massage more accessible to the public, and because they do not need to disrobe you will get a greater up take from people who are self conscious about their body image.

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Music and Massage

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 Playing music for your massage clients can have a really postive effect on your client’s experience during the treatment.

The type of music that you play is very important.You need to choose music that will relax your client. A slow soft lilting rhythm played softing in the background can help to induce alpha state brainwave patterns in your client which helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

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How to Use Essential Oils Safely

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You can buy alot of blended aromatherapy oils over the counter. You should always read directions before applying them incase there are any contra-indications to their use.

If you are going to blend our own aromatherapy oils then you should be aware that pure essential oils are very concentrated and should not be apply directly to your skin.

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Massage Therapy – What You Knead to Know

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massagewomanThere are many different forms of massage

Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, indian head massage, hot stone massage

Massage as often been seen as indulgence, a luxury, but recent research has shown that massage may also improve your health.

Massage can help to relieve pain, speed up the healing of sports injuries. By calming the nervous system and promoting the workings of the parasympathetic nervous system and can help to reduce stress, improve sleeping patterns.

Massage is also effective in managing and reducing lower back pain, which affects millions of people.

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Back or front first?

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When you are performing a massage do you start on the back or the front first?

I start with the back first as I think that gets the client to relax quickly and is one of the major areas of muscle aches and pains.

I only start on the front if the client specifically states that they want to.

What do you do?