Crystal Massage Course

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Enhance your Massage treatment by the healing power of Crystals

Crystal Massage

Crystal Massage Home Study Course

The Course

**The course is open to the experienced therapist who currently has a Massage qualification.**

The Crystal Massage course provides you with an excellent new treatment to offer your clients.

A Body Massage is further enhanced by using Crystals to carry out the Massage techniques.

Clients thoroughly enjoy the treatment, and generally report feeling more balanced and relaxed than after a normal Body Massage.

This course is fully insurable. You can purchase your therapy insurance in the UK and Ireland from Westminster Indemnity Ltd.

New Zealand and Australian students can purchase their insurance via the IICT.

This home learning course adds a new dimension to your Massage treatments.

Your clients can now enjoy the benefits of Crystal Therapy and Massage in one treatment! Many report having a powerful, deeply ‘spiritual’ experience following treatment.

Our Crystal Massage distance learning course is eco friendly. Our course notes and workbook are in PDF format, with embedded video and audio files, thus this has reduced our paper usage to a minimum.

Also our courses are downloadable, there is no need to use a postal service, so there are no fuel delivery emissions.

And best of all, your course is directly downloadable, so you can start as soon as you have purchased it!


Course Content:

  • Introduction to Crystals – learn how to cleanse your crystals of ‘negative’ energy and then charge them with ‘healing’ energy so they are ready to use in your Massage treatments.
  • Types and properties of Crystals – we discuss different types of Crystal and the healing properites associated with them.
  • Chakras and Crystals– learn about the energy body and chakras that all human beings have and learn the best crystal / chakra healing combinations.
  • Health and Safety – You will learn the extra health and safety requirements needed when offering a Crystal Massage treatment.
  • Contra-indications relating to Crystal Massage -The extra contra -indications that relate specifically to crystal massage so that you can ensure that your clients enjoy the many benefits of receiving a Crystal Massage.
  • Contra-actions relating to Crystal Massage – You can explain the effects that your client can expect when having a Crystal Massage.
  • Preparing the equipment and treatment area – Easy to follow instructions along with practical video demonstrations of the equipment you need, and how to set up the equipment for a Crystal Massage.
  • Practical Crystal Massage incl adapting current techniques – Step by step, easy to follow instructions of how to carry out a full body Crystal Massage using our great video guides which clearly show each step, we also have written descriptions of the routine, and an audio which can talk you through each step of the treatment. We can als show you how to adapt the your existing Massage techniques to use Crystals if you wish to adapt your existing Massage routine.
  • Client after-care advice – The aftercare advice that you should give your client to ensure your client gets maximum benefit from their treatment and so want to come back for more!

The Crystal Massage routine is described in three formats, all of which will help you to learn the routine.

  • A written description – Read the description of each technique. Make short notes so that you can perform the techniques in the order that they are described when performing the massage.
  • Videos embedded – Watch the videos to see how the Massage techniques are performed. Then practice the techniques on client until you feel comfortable with them.
  • An audio mp3 file – The MP3 audio file describes in words a Crystal Massage, and acts as a verbal list describing the order in which you perform each technique, and helps with the timing of the Massage. The audio file could be played out loud or, loaded on an mp3 player, which you could use earphones to listen to help you perform the Massage.

To play the video’s you will need to open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat reader 9 or above.

Following is a link to download Adobe Acrobat reader 9


Upon completion of the course you will receive your Harmony House Crystal Massage Diploma Certificate.

Once you have satisfactorily completed your course, you can purchase your therapy insurance. One provider of insurance for therapists is Westminster Indemnity Ltd.

The Crystal Massage
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ThE course is available in Adobe Acrobat format.

You will require 414 MB of disk space to store the Crystal Massage distance learning course, and Adobe Reader 9 or above to read it and play the multi-media clips.

The Crystal Massage course is delivered by direct download upon purchase.

To download your copy, please select the Download Crystal Massage course link on the download page. This will open the Download PDF.

Once it is open select “Save” to save it to a destination on your computer. You can then download your course at your leisure.

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