First Degree Reiki Course

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Let Reiki bring happiness and harmony into your life

First Degree Reiki Course

1 day course £160

Train in Glossop and within easy reach of Manchester, Stockport, Sheffield, Macclesfield, Huddersfield, Barnsley, Buxton and Chesterfield. All our therapists are experienced teachers and qualified assessors and members of the FHT.

Course Profile:

The level 1 Reiki training course provides you with a knowledge of:-


  • The history of Reiki – A brief history of Reiki, how it was discovered and how it became available to the world today
  • Chakras and your energy body – Understand your energy body and how blockages in certain charkras can have phsyical and emotional effects on you.
  • Reiki Principles – These principles teach you how to live in the NOW.
  • Attunement – Receiving an attunment is the only way to gain the ability to channel Reiki, we explain what you might feel during an attunement and how the attunement may affect you.
  • Grounding – How to perform a grounding meditation that will help you contect your energy to the earth.
  • Self Treatment – A practical exercise where you learn how to perform a Reiki Treatment on yourself. You now have the power to receive the benefits of reiki 24/7 !
  • Contra-indications – These are health conditions that you need to be aware of when performing Reiki Treatments on other people.
  • Contra-actions – This are possible reactions that a person may have following a Reiki treatment.
  • Client Consultation – A practical exercise where we practice how to perform a consultation before performing a Reiki Treatment.
  • Protection – Three practical exercises where you practice how to provide psychic protections for yourself and your loved ones.
  • Treating Others – A practical exercise where you will learn how to give a Reiki Treatment to another person. You can now share the benefits of Reiki with your family, friends and even pets

You will be provided with a Reiki training manual to help and guide you.

Also you will each have the opportunity to experience a Reiki self-treatment, and have an opportunity to treat another person.

A great opportunity to relax during the day, bliss!

What taking a Reiki Course did for me.


Course Testimonial


“I woke up this morning wondering what to expect from my Reiki 1 training course, I was pleasantly surprised. The course was very interesting and enlightening. To think we have the capability to do this – brilliant!”
Lindsay Dunn (Nurse)

Only 2 places available per course.


First Degree Reiki Workshop in Glossop Tuesday 22/08/2017


First Degree Reiki Workshop in Glossop Thursday 24/08/2017

Alternatively simplycontact Mark to arrange a date suitable for you –


Reiki courses will usuallu take place at The Retreat Beauty Salon, High Street West, Glossop. Other venues are an option.