10 Tips for Managing Arthritis

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arthritis painIf you are suffering with arthritis

1. Acupuncture – has been shown very effective in helping to manage pain caused arthritis

2. Exercise – helps to keep the joints mobile

3. Eating a healthy diet Рcan help to reduce inflammation 

4. Learn to reduce stress – this can this can help you to manage pain better

5. Take health supplements – add vitamins and minerals that may be missing from your diet

6. Taking Herbal Remedies – to help reduce pain and aid sleep

7. Topical Care – A muscle ointment applied a night can help to reduce morning stiffness

8. Touch Therapies –¬† such as massage have been shown to increase joint mobility and strengthen the immune system

9. Hydrotherapy – can help to reduce inflammation

10. Improving Elimination – Improving the frequency of your bowel movements helps you to remove toxins from the body faster can helps to improve the function of all body systems, especially the immune system.

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