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Massage Home Study Courses

How do massage home study courses work?

Harmony House is delighted to be able to offer you a range of fully insurable training courses available in easy to use distance learning courses format.

Harmony House is an IICT Approved Training Provider. All our are students are eligible to join the IICT. Students in the Australia and New Zealand may also obtain their therapy insurance via the IICT.

You can purchase your therapy insurance in the UK and Ireland from

Westminster Indemnity Ltd

  • The courses are in PDF format, and include audio and video clips within the course material to enhance your learning experience.
  • It’s so easy to complete your course work! Simply open the relevant course notes and workbook pdf’s in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and fill in the answers in the workbook.
  • Once you have fully completed a workbook, send an email to us with the workbook attached.
  • We will then assess the workbook, and provide you with feedback. If any re-work is required, we will indicate the question numbers that need to be revisited and the relevant section of the course notes to look at.
  • This is the process we will use until the all answers in the workbook are correct.
  • You will also carry out a number of practical case studies that you will also document in the case study pdf workbooks supplied. Once these have been completed you send them via email to be assessed.
  • Finally, once all your workbooks and Case Studies have been completed and satisfactorily assessed, we will be delighted to award you your Harmony House Diploma.

Once you have completed your course, you can purchase your therapy insurance. One provider of insurance for therapists is Westminster Indemnity Ltd.

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