Massage helps to relieve stress

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Massage helps to relieve stressBy performing a massage treatment it is possible to help to minimise the impact created by stress and fatigue on your clients.

The symptoms of stress affects a huge number of people in our society. Stress isn’t created directly by an outside occurrence, but is a response to a perceived peril by the particular individual person.

So it is the individual’s impression of the outside event that ultimately decides whether or not the individual will respond with a stress response.

In simple terms, if the person thinks that the external event is a life or death event, then this causes the stress hormones for example , cortisol to be produced.

These kind of hormones then work on the sympathetic nervous system to generate what is referred to as the fight or flight response.

The sympathetic nervous system prepares the body to expend energy to deal with any supposed emergency scenario by:-

  • Raising the heart rate along with blood pressure levels.
  • Raising the respiration rate to boost the intake of oxygen and also increase the output of co2.
  • Dilating the blood vessels to raise blood flow in to the muscle tissues.
  • It raises the conversion of glycogen to glucose using the liver to accelerate the output of energy.
  • It slows down the digestion of foods by redirecting blood circulation away from the digestive organs.
  • The pupils in the eyes dilate to maximize eye sight.
  • The adrenal together with the sebaceous glands are stimulated to secrete adrenalin and perspiration.
  • Muscle tone is increased throughout the urethral and anal sphincters in order to restrict micturition and defecation.
  • The arrector pili muscles contract inside the dermis to bring on goose bumps.

Should the outside experience arises on a regular basis then the person’s sympathetic nervous system will over-react and the body’s systems are in a state of high alert.

If you perform at massage on a client, you’ll be able to help to reduce effects associated with the fight or flight response.

Massage therapy really helps to de-stress the human body as a whole. It may soothe the nerves, minimise emotional stress and panic and helps to encourage improved sleeping patterns.

It also helps to boost concentration as well as help reduce tension headaches.

Restorative massage improves the blood circulation and lymph flow which commonly boost the body’s immune system, and help to hasten healing from illness or just injury. Over time, therapeutic massage may help to reduce blood pressure.

Massage may help to ease fatigued sore muscles, and also release restricted muscle tissues, this may lead to healthier skin tone and greater joint mobility and range of movement.

It may help to ease mental stress and anxiety and promote mental relaxation, and as a result imparting a sense of well-being.

Restorative massage actively works to prompt the action of the parasympathetic nervous system so helping to return the body’s system back to homeostasis, or equilibrium.

The parasympathetic nervous system calms the entire body down and counteracts the stimulative behaviour of the sympathetic nervous system. It permits the body to relax and prepare for sleep simply by:-

  • Decreasing the heartbeat and blood pressure level.
  • Slowing the respiration rate to reduce the intake of oxygen and production of carbon dioxide.
  • Constricting the blood vessels to slow down blood flow
  • Improving blood circulation into the digestive organs to maximise digestion and absorption of food stuff.
  • Contract the pupils within the eye to return vision back to normal.
  • Relax control over the release of urine and faeces from both the urethral and anal sphincters.


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