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Why learn Reiki?

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Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers

I believe Reiki, is not just a holistic therapy that you learn, it is not just a skill that you use to treat people.

It is a connection to a higher consciousness, and this higher consciousness wants to bring happiness and harmony in to the Reiki therapist’s life.

It helps you to uncover your life’s purpose and starts you along the path to enlightment and joyful living.

More and more people are realising that something is missing from their lives and there is more to life than just chasing material goods that just leave you feeling empty inside.

They want peace, they want to feel connected, they want to feel calm and happy.  They want to have worth and know that their life means something, that there is a bigger picture and they have  part to play in it.

Learning Reiki can be the first step along your journey.  Once you are attuned to Reiki you are constantly connected to the universal energy that surrounds and is a part of everything.  You quickly learn to feel the energy flow as you perform self treatments and treatments on other people.  You then KNOW you are a part of something bigger because you can actually feel it and experience it.

This KNOWING brings a calmness to your mind, a sense of peace.  You will find that you worry less.  You become stronger, you no longer put up with circumstances that are not good for you.  You have the strength to make changes that improve your life and move you towards your life purpose.

If you would like to take that first step and learn Reiki, I run workshops in Glossop, Derbyshire, you can contact me via the following link to arrange an agreeable date for your workshop.

First degree Reiki Workshops in Glossop Derbyshire


How to use Reiki to protect yourself

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Reiki Protection

It is so important to protect yourself mentally, psychically, and spiritually. That may sound strange, yet in these busy times we come into contact with so many people who have problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, or other illnesses.

When dealing with these people either as a therapist, or even in your everyday life you can become tired and lethargic, and feel like your very living energy has been sucked out of you.

Reiki can help!

Reiki is a very useful tool to protect yourself from negativity, or harmful energy. You can place yourself in your own protective bubble to keep your positive energy, and not take in anyone elses negativity.

The kind of protection normally explained upon a Reiki 1 workshop would be the Reiki Bubble.

Mainly because it is especially simple to utilize plus it is also extremely versatile.

To start with:-

  • Position your hands round about Eight inches a part, and intend Reiki to flow.
  • Once you sense Reiki is flowing, visualize that you’re in the middle of a big transparent bubble.
  • Allow Reiki to flow out of your palms, as a bright white healing mist and allow this to mist fill the bubble till it then whirls all around you.
  • Intend that Reiki is going to protect you from all negativity and / or harm, to ensure that all the negative and / or harmful energies will be removed from the aura and only allow love, light and Reiki to penetrate the bubble.

You may make the bubble as large as you want, which means you can place a Reiki bubble round, your home, your vehicle, an aircraft to protect them.

You could place Reiki bubbles round all your family, friends and family pets.

You may use it to remove negative energy from any room, simply by making it fill up the room. Ideal for clearing classroom or office meetings.

Obviously this helps make it an awfully powerful method.


Reiki Hand Positions for treating others, from our Practical Reiki Ebook

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Relaxed and Happy

Reiki is a way of using  life force energy to address mental and emotional problems as well as physical disorders. It works on the mind body and spirit!

Reiki is a holistic system for balancing, healing and harmonising all aspects of a person and it can be used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth.

It is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique which uses life force energy to treat mental, emotional and physical ailments without using pressure manipulation and massage.

Reiki only does good. It goes where it is needed.

Anyone can learn how to channel Reiki, you just have to attend a Reiki Training Course.

The video below demonstrates reiki hand positions that can be used during a Reiki treatment, it was taken from our Reiki ebook.




 You can view the original video and our other holistic therapy videos via the link below

Reiki Hand Positions for treating others, from our Practical Reiki Ebook