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How to switch off your worrying

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People worry about lots of things. This makes them feel threatened. This heightens the fight or flight response which is one of the major causes of stress.

To combat this you need to learn to manage you worries and negative emotions.

First you need to learn to change your emotions by changing your thoughts. It is time to focus on the postive not the negative

If feeling anxious or negative shout ‘STOP’. This will stop the negative thought in it’s tracks and give you the chance to start a new postive thought. Postive thoughts bring postive emotions.

If you have an important decision to make, you should try to be object and and leave emotion out if the equation. Make a list of the pros and cons and make your decision based on fact.

You have to let go of anger, guilt and anxiety. You must learn to forgive yourself and others. In most cases people did the best they could with what you knew, you can learn from this eperiences but you most not let them define you. If you are worried about something, decide if you can change it. If you can not change it then let it and the worry go. If you can change to then you have postive steps that you can take to change the worry.

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