Learn How to do Reflexology Techniques


Our Practical Reflexology Enhanced Edition ebook for the iPad, can help you to learn how to do reflexology techniques and treatments in your own home.

Whether you just want to learn reflexology so you can perform reflexology treatments on your family or friends, or you are thinking of training to become a professional reflexologist, these enhanced edition ebooks contain, text, pictures, videos and audio clips which describe how to:-

  • Why you need to perform a consultation before performing a reflexology treatment.
  • How to set up your treatment room for a reflexology treatment
  • Video clips and text descriptions of how to complete the reflexology treatment
  • An audio clip which acts as a verbal list to help with timing and which guides you through the reflexology treatment.


Learn how to do reflexology techniques at home

If you want to learn how to do reflexology techniques then our Practical Reflexology Enhanced Edition can help.

This enhanced ebook uses video and audio clips to show you how to do a reflexology techniques treatment for your family and friends.

Reflexology is pressure massage applied to the feet or hands in order to stimulate the reflex points and bring about a balance of the bodily systems in order for the body to work together in harmony and unison and thus creating a feeling of well-being and optimum health.


If you want to become a professional reflexologist then why not try our reflexology distance learning course.

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