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The Course:

Will psychic development courses enable you to predict the lottery numbers? NO!
Will psychic development courses enable you to read the minds of others? NO!
Nor will psychic development courses enable you to guess the name of the person who serves you with your groceries!!

Unlike other psychic development courses this psychic course WILL provide you with information you need to know when developing psychic abilities safely, at your own pace and in the direction that you wish to go.

In the first of our psychic courses you will be shown how developing psychic abilities is fun and enjoyable. Using our fantastic multi-media guide which not only describes how to carry out different activities but illustrates them further using audio, and video clips. We will help you to discover where your psychic talent lies.


Course Content

Grounding and Protection

  • Before performing any type of psychic development you should always ground and protect yourself so that you do not leave yourself vulnerable to any negative energies of any form or nature.  Our simple to follow meditations provide you with that ability.

Auras and Chakras

  • We introduce you to how your energy body works.  Our chakra meditation allows you to cleanse and heal your chakras and aura.  This can enhance your psychic performance


  • Meditation can provide a gateway to use for spiritual and psychic development.  Our guided meditation gives you the opportunity to receive what you need from the universe.


  • Crystals are powerful healing tools that resonate with the energy of person and can provide a gentle non-invasive healing.  We will show you how to choose some crystals which may be used for cleansing your chakras, how to cleanse your crystals and how to charge them to get the most from their special properties.


  • We will discuss how to use a pendulum to check for blockages in your chakras. Our video demonstrates how to use a pendulum to divine yes/no answers to simple questions.


  • Our video demonstrates how you can use your intuition, the imagery and feelings of the cards to give a reading rather than just using the written meaning of a card. Let the cards tell you a story.


  • We provide an exercise to help you connect with a object and give a reading for a person based upon what you sense from the object.


  • Similar to Psychometry you, will connect to the people in a photograph and then tune into the person and possibly feel the personality traits and deeper relationships between the people in the photograph.


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How to complete your Psychic Development Foundation Course


Upon completion of the course you will receive you your Harmony House Psychic Development Foundation Course Certificate.

About The Author


Katy was born in a small town in the north of England to a couple who were destined to be married and together for thirty very happy years.

She has many happy memories of a childhood blessed with magic and wonder due to many things including a father who made the simplest of pleasures, such as sledging in the snow an opportunity for fun and magic to happen. A grand-father who spent many hours taking her for woodland walks picking wild garlic, bluebells, and collecting conkers! And a mother and grand-mother who spent time showing her the magic of shoes, and cake!

Katy recalls spending time playing as a small child and seeing colours and receiving insights into the world around her. Like most children she ‘forgot’ this ability during schooling and learning to conform to societies expectations of what should be the norm.

Like many people, upon leaving school Katy began a conventional career within retail. After twelve successful years she reached a critical point in her life which was the catalyst for change. Seven years on she now owns a successful Holistic Therapy Treatment Centre and Training Academy which she runs in partnership with her husband.

After a number of years developing psychic abilites herself, and teaching psychic courses to others, and having looked at the outrageous claims being made by some psychic development courses, she devised the Psychic Development Foundation Course to help others begin to re-connect with the psychic gifts what they once knew.

The Psychic Development Foundation

home study course

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The Psychic Development Foundation home study course is available in Adobe Acrobat format.

You will require a desktop or laptop computer with 184MB of disk space to store the Psychic Development Foundation Course, and Adobe Reader 9 or above to read it and play the multi-media clips.

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The Psychic Development Foundation home study course is delivered by direct download upon purchase.

To download your copy, please select the Download Psychic Development Foundation Course link on the download page. This will open the Download Psychic Development Foundation Course PDF.

Once it is open select save to save it to a destination on your computer. You can then download the Psychic Development Foundation home study course at your leisure.

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