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Katy Rogers

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an alternating pressure massage applied to the feet or hands in order to stimulate the reflex points and bring about a balance to the body systems in order for the body to work together in harmony and unison and thus creating a feeling of well-being and optimum health.

Specific areas of the hands and feet correspond with the various organs of the body. By treating each reflex in turn, normal energy flow is restored, and this gradually bringing about the balance necessary for good health.

Regular reflexology can help with:

  • relaxation and stress relief
  • rebalancing the body systems
  • decongesting and improving circulation in the body
  • improving nourishment in the tissues and improved elimination of body toxins

Reflexology is a holistic pressure-point therapy that helps the body employ its innate ability to heal itself, safely and naturally.

"I began my business at the beginning of January this year. I was visiting my daughter who lives about a day's drive away.

They live in a small mining town with not very many businesses. There are 2 massage therapists in town and that's all.

I advertised on the town's facebook page that I would be there for 3 weeks and it was a huge success!

I only worked part time but each week my appts were filled quickly and word was spreading. What a confidence boost that was.

I'm going back in April and July ( our daughter's and grandson's birthdays) and will stay for couple of weeks and work again.

We're back home in Charleville now and I'm slowly getting the word out that I have started here.There is lots of interest from people I didn't expect to even know about reflexology.

So needless to say Mark, I'm very happy!" Kerrye Parry Australia

Our Reflexology Diploma course is fully insurable in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

In the UK and Ireland you can buy your therapy insurance from Westminster Indemnity Ltd

Australian and New Zealand students may can obtain their therapy insurance via the IICT. Harmony House is an IICT Approved Training Provider.

The Course:

Our Reflexology online course are an excellent way to begin your career as a reflexologist. It provides a convenient gateway to learn a wonderful therapy to add to your existing treatments.

Our course notes and workbook are in PDF format, and include embedded video and audio files, to enchance your learning experience.

Because our courses are directly downloadable, you can start as soon as you have purchased it!

Course Content

  • Health, Safety and Security in the workplace - You will learn the health and safety procedures that you should carry out to ensure your business model is safe for you and your clients.
  • Anatomy and Physiology - Knowing how the body works is is a very important part of being a Reflexologist. You need to know how each of the body systems works and how they interact to keep the body. When you are performing your treatment you will find reflex points that are out of balance you then use your A & P knowledge to relay this information to the client and tell them waht you have found.
  • Contra-indications relating to Reflexology - You will learn which health conditions you need to check for to make sure it is safe for you to carry out the treatment on your client.
  • Contra-actions relating to Reflexology - You perform a Reflexology session for the first time you tend to find the client has alot of reflex point imbalances. As this imbalances begin to balance they can cause the client to feel a little bit unwell for a few days. It is important to tell the client that this expected, and that this a natural part of the healing process and that it is a very good thing. So the worst they feel the better it is. And because they feel these physical symptoms of the treatment, they then know it is working...
  • Preparing the treatment area - Your course notes contain easy to follow instructions, and practical video demonstrations of how to set up your treatment room for a Reflexology treatment.
  • Client Consultation, Interpersonal Skills and Body Language - The Client consulation is very important, it allows you to get know your client and assess their life style. How stressed are they? Are they suffering from any health conditions? Do they get plenty of exercise. This allows you to build up a holistic picture of your client. This then enables you and the client to discuss and determine what issuses they would like to resolve, and allows you to set up a course of treatments so that you can meet their needs.
  • Record Keeping - By keeping records of your treatments you are able to track how your client is responding to their course of treatments, This allows you to tailoring your treatment to meet your client's needs and allows you to confirm that you are meeting the client's desired solution. Also essential in the unlikely event of a of an insurance claim against you, you have a written record of what you did and what you found.
  • Reflexology routine - We have step by step, easy to follow instructions of how to carry out a full Reflexology treatment. We have included video guides, audio guides as well as diagrams and written guides to see how the reflexology techniques are performed! Select the teaching guides that are best for you!
  • Client after-care advice. - The aftercare advice that you should give your client to ensure your client gets maximum benefit from their treatment and so want to come back for more.

The practical Reflexology Routine is described in four formats, all of which will help you to learn the routine.

  • A Written Description - Read the description of each technique.  Make short notes so that you can perform the techniques in the order that they are described when performing the Reflexology treatment.
  • Diagram Format - You may print off a copy for your own use. It’s a good idea to laminate them to protect them.  They can then be used as a visual prompt when practising your Reflexology treatments.
  • Videos - Watch the videos to see how the Reflexology techniques are performed. Then practice the techniques on your clients until you feel comfortable with them.

"I liked the way I could watch the treatments being performed as many times as I needed to, especially whist learning the techniques in the early stages". Zoe Tunnicliffe UK

  • An Audio mp3 file - The MP3 audio file talks you through performing a Reflexology treatment. It acts as a verbal list describing the order in which you perform each technique, and helps with the timing of the reflexology treatment. If you load the audio file onto your mp3 player, you can use your earphones to listen to it and thus it will help you perform the reflexology treatment.

A sample video

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How to perform reflexology warm up techniques 

To play the video’s you will need to open the pdf in Adobe Acrobat reader 9 or above. Following is a link to download Adobe Acrobat reader 9

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How to complete your Course Work

To complete your course work, open the course notes and workbooks in Adobe Acrobat Reader, and fill in the answers in the workbook, and save your work.

Once you have fully completed a workbook, email to us.

We will then assess your work, and provide you with feedback.
If any re-work is required, we will indicate the question numbers that need to be revisited and the relevant section of the course notes to look at.

This process is repeated until the all answers in the workbook are correct.

How to complete your case studies

You will complete three client case studies, this will consist of doing six treatments per client, eighteen treatments in all.

Perform a consultation

You will perform a client consultation for each case study, as described in the Reflexology Course Notes.

If the client does have contra-indications to treatment. Then ask for a doctor’s permission if the contra-indications are major. Or modify the treatment accordingly if it is a minor contra-indication.

Prepare a treatment plan

Using the information that you gleaned from the consultation, you then prepare a treatment plan for the course of six treatments, which lists the client’s problem areas and desired solution.

When performing a treatment

Set up the treatment area as described in the Reflexology Course Notes.

Inform the client how to prepare for the treatment as described in the Reflexology Course Notes.

Perform a reflexology treatment as described in the Reflexology Course Notes, making notes of any reflex imbalances that you find.

Once the client is dressed:-

  • Assess how the treatment has gone by asking how they feel and inform them of any problem areas that you found.
  • Be sure to explain the possible contra-actions of having a reflexology treatment and that if they feel a bit under weather that is a good sign.
  • Give them their After Care advice.
  • Give the client the follow up to treatment form and ask them to fill it in and bring to back when they have their next treatment.

Once you have completed a Case Study of six treatments, email the Case Study to us for assessment.

Upon completion of the course.

Upon completion of the course you will receive you your Harmony House Reflexology Diploma Certificate.

Once you have completed your course, you can purchase your therapy insurance. One provider of insurance for therapists is Westminster Indemnity Ltd.

The Reflexology distance learning course can be yours for


 The Reflexology course comes in Adobe Acrobat format.

You will require 502 MB of disk space to store your course, and Adobe Reader 9 or above to read it.

The course is delivered by direct download upon purchase.

To download your copy, please select the Download Reflexology course link on the download page. This will open the Download course PDF.

Once it is open select save to save it to a destination on your computer. You can then begin the Reflexology course at your leisure.

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